Building A Great Company for Great People

Who Are We

Our History

Climate Pros, LLC is a commercial refrigeration and HVAC company that designs, builds, and services refrigeration systems in thousands of locations nationwide. Our company headquarters are located in the Chicago, Illinois area.

The company is an industry leader with over 1,600 employees, offering multifaceted service, construction, and modernization solutions to businesses across the United States. They have been ranked in Inc’s 5,000 Fastest-Growing Companies for the past 10 years.

Climate Pros is out to “Disrupt the Industry by Creating a Great Company for Great People” with employees in 43 states, servicing 1,300+ customers and over 10,000 sites and providing expert support 24 hours a day seven days a week. Climate Pros partners with customers including supermarket retail, refrigerated storage warehouses, convenience stores, and the biomedical industry to provide innovative, customized services.

Forming long-term partnerships is what sets Climate Pros apart from the competition by providing highly skilled technicians, and consulting on the latest regulations, technology, and trends.

To support their mission to have the safest and highest skilled team in the industry Climate Pros invests heavily in the training and ongoing development of all our employees. Climate Pros University (CPU) in Chicago, IL houses 2,500-square-foot state-of-the-art training labs and classrooms used to deliver hands-on technical training led by a team of instructors. Our CPU in Austin, TX measures approximately 4,200-square-feet which includes a classroom, resource room, and VR space.

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Bleeds Blue

Company Pride

To bleed blue is to have company pride. Blue is the company color of Climate Pros, so to bleed blue means to exhibit a genuine passion about the company.

Honesty & Integrity

To the Core

Honesty and Integrity are enforced in the culture at Climate Pros. We strive to have these values in everything we do from engaging and servicing our customers and vendors, and especially working with each other. We want to make sure that an employee of Climate Pros always represents themselves and the company with the highest sense of honesty and integrity.

Whatever it Takes Safely!

Always There

You'll often see and hear this motto around Climate Pros. It is an obvious core value of the employees of this company. We do whatever it takes to get it done, SAFELY. We pride ourselves on coming up with unique solutions to difficult situations and always finding our way through no matter what but never without SAFETY of our people ALWAYS being considered.

Growth Oriented

Always Looking Ahead

We love go getters. We want our employees to always want something better for the company. We want to be the best in our industry with the very best people. An internal drive to exceed the minimum and excel ourselves beyond is absolutely key.

Relationship Driven

Partnered to Customers, Vendors, and Employees

Relationships are the core of our business. They start with each other within the organization with the family members that work together, down to the lifelong friendships that are created here at Climate Pros. We also build those same kinds of long-lasting business relationships with our vendor partners, and customers alike. We find that with mutually beneficial goals, both sides of the relationship can flourish and succeed!

Our History

Our Way of Success


2 employees serving seven locations for Dominick's in Chicago


15 employees, serving all 86 Dominick's Chicago-area locations. Added Walmart as a customer, with 4 Chicago locations. Implemented GPS fleet technology. Moved into 2,400 sq.ft. facility.


42 employees. Added 45 Walmart locations in Chicago area. Field staff started using iPads. First Walmart contractor to be approved for electronic signatures. Hired internal software developer to build proprietary software suite to manage dispatch, routing, fleet management, invoicing and other tools. Purchased 10,000 sq.ft. facility.


60 employees. Added all of Target's 82 sites in Chicago area.


88 employees. Opened in Hawaii, servicing five sites for Walmart, three sites for Whole Foods and eight sites for Safeway


105 employees. Added Costco and Aldi as customers. Awarded all of Walmart's sites in Hawaii. Started servicing 12 sites for Albertsons and providing construction services to customers. Implemented parts inventory management system using bar code technology.


132 employees. In Chicago, added 12 Whole Foods sites. Added 67 Target sites in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Hawaii. Hired first salesperson.


158 employees. Moved into 26,000 sq.ft. facility


242 employees. Moved into an 11,000 sq.ft. building into the Detroit market with the acquisition of RGR Refrigeration – Acquired 8,000 sq.ft. building in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and an 8000 square foot building in Pewaukee Wisconsin – Added AbbVie and Pfizer drugs to our portfolio in the Chicago market. Added Walmart to our portfolio in Florida and Roundy’s to our portfolio in Wisconsin.


390 employees. Acquired Commerical Refrigeration Specialists in California to put Climate Pros into our 10th operating state. Added Aldi to our portfolio to our Florida operations – Added Save Mart to our portfolio to our California operations.


Acquired J&D Refrigeration in Santa Rosa, CA. Signed Amazon as a new account Nationwide


Q1, Acquired Market Mechanical in Minneapolis MN.
Q2, Acquired NorFoxx Refrigeration and Tri-Temp putting us throughout TX.
Q3, Acquired Quick Refrigeration.


Q4, Acquired Hattenbach expanding Climate Pros into Ohio


Q1, Expanded into Denver, CO - Expanded into Atlanta, GA – Expanded all across Oklahoma - Opened Office in Phoenix, AZ – Expanded into Las Vegas, NV - Opened Office in Daytona, FL
Q2, Acquired TruTemp Northwest expanding Climate Pros into Seattle and Central WA
Q4 Acquired Precision Mechanical Contractors expanding Climate Pros in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Washington D.C.


Q1, Acquired Grelak Mechanical expanding Climate Pros into New York
Q4, Acquired HD Energy expanding Climate Pros into Canada.